3 ways to use your CRM to appreciate your agents

Posted on January 2, 2020

A good customer relationship management system (CRM) is like the holy grail of real estate. Now, more than ever, it’s important to understand how to use it efficiently and effectively.

Here, I offer a few examples of how to use the tools you have available for your team, to actually support your team.

First, lead by example

A good broker-owner or team lead knows that you can’t just talk the talk, you have to walk the walk.

What good is the latest CRM software if you don’t use it to support your team?

That’s right. I’m talking about having your agents included in your CRM and nurturing them the same way you would a client.

Just imagine their surprise when you remember their birthday, their 100th sale, their work anniversary, and more.

This not only helps strengthen bonds in the workplace, it allows you to justify the very software you feel will help them the most by giving them a firsthand look at it in action. 

Second, get boots on the ground

I recently attended a Moxie Mastermind roundtable event that reminded me of just that. It was the single most important day I have spent out of the office all year. So much so, I included it in my post of the Top 5 things I learned in 2019 to apply in 2020.

The MoxiWorks event was carefully designed “to provide an intimate, laid-back forum that sets the stage for strategic deep-dives, forward-thinking discussions, and actionable discovery amongst real estate’s top leaders and influencers.” 

I was in awe of its attendees and the thought-provoking and candid discussions about problem-solving and what the future of the industry looks like. But something else stood out to me that is incredibly relevant here.

One attendee mentioned that we can use MoxiWorks tools as a reminder to go have a cup of coffee with your own agents or those you are recruiting. That element was completely lost on me. As a broker owner of The Address, I am constantly pulled in a thousand directions. So it’s ironic to me now, that something so simple and impactful was right under my nose. And it doesn’t just save me time, keep me organized, and help me connect: It demonstrates the value of the tool itself.

The idea that I can use the tools I bought for my agents to strengthen their relationships with clients, to also help me do the very same with my own agents and demonstrate how effective our CRM is, is well, genius. So when I say boots on the ground, I mean literally putting your CRM to work and being physically present and active in your agents’ career and lives, which brings me to my next point.

Last but not least, take better care of your agents!

Simply offering a great CRM for agents to use is only half the battle. As broker-owners, we need to take better care of our agents. That is the entire ethos behind my firm The Address. And it’s how we were able to merge with one of the top brokerages in Malibu

Taking better care of our agents starts with arming them with effective CRM tools. This is coupled by a communal office space and in-house tech to make their job easier. All of this helps us build a superior network of agents that are representative of our brand and reputation. But it doesn’t work without an effective CRM

In fact, a good CRM helps me to acknowledge my agents’ accomplishments on social media. It allows me to get to know my agents on a personal level. And it makes me a more effective leader. It can also aid in pricing matters and presentations, such as the MoxiPresent tool I write about here. 

Using the CRM to appreciate agents is quite possibly the greatest piece of advice I have received all year! What are your thoughts? Do you have any CRM tips that help you care for your agents? School me in the comments.